TEDx Birmingham

I’m a huge fan of TED, a non-profit initiative helping to spread ideas rapidly across the planet. TED’s primary vehicle for this is through posting videos of speeches by experts around the world given at TED conferences. These speeches are prepared specifically for TED and follow certain guidelines. Conferences known as TEDx are developed by independent parties following the TED conference format in hundreds of locations around the world.

My home city of Birmingham, Alabama recently began hosting annual TEDx conferences and I was invited to give a talk in February 2015. This was not a typical (nor easy!) talk format for me, but I took the opportunity to speak about feelings and ideas I have about biodiversity that are deeper than I usually share in my public speaking.

My main point was that I am concerned that humanity is not doing enough to protect nature – and thereby protect itself – despite our laws, regulations, new technologies, and the herculean efforts of the environmental and sustainability movements. In the speech, I suggest that people need to get outdoors, reconnect with nature, and “fall in love” with some of the species they meet. Love is one of Homo sapien’s greatest super-powers – people will defend and make sacrifices for what they love. I believe this will be a necessary step in our journey to sustainability.

Feel free to view my TEDx talk above, or read the script for the talk.