Trek Birmingham

Trek Birmingham is an educational and recreational resource for the greater Birmingham area provided by Birmingham-Southern College’s Urban Environmental Studies Program. Trek Birmingham pinpoints and describes destinations in greater Birmingham where visitors can experience and learn about the natural environment. The website offers authoritative information about each destination’s ecology, geology, biodiversity and watersheds and links them to learning resources. The ultimate goal is to inspire Birmingham’s residents and visitors to have a sense of place, pride, and purpose in relation to their natural environment.

At Trek Birmingham, we feature an array of destinations, from the McWane Science Center, to the Birmingham Zoo, to more natural landscapes such as Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve. To empower visitors with knowledge, we provide a detailed, description of each site’s ecology, geology, biodiversity and watersheds. For some sites, lesson plans are provided for teachers.

One of the most beautiful and instructive feature of the site are the maps created by Dr. Ed Brands (University of University of Minnesota Morris) – each one designed specifically for the featured destination. These exquisite maps display a sites watershed, geology, and ecoregion in relation to the nearby region – critical information for those curious about the natural world.

The idea for Trek Birmingham came to me after using the Alabama Birding Trails website. It occurred to me that a similar project could encourage people to explore the many beautiful and unique natural areas within the city and the city’s centers that promote environmental education. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure to work with several very talented folks on the project, including Francesca Gross, Dr. Ed Brands, Jeanne Jackson, and Hannah Wolfson.