Welcome! I am a professor of biology at Birmingham-Southern College, an undergraduate liberal arts school in Alabama. My areas of expertise involve ecology, conservation biology and environmental studies. I teach courses in these fields, and partner with my research students to better understand the ecology of endangered species and ecosystems.

My career is dedicated to helping humanity and other species through this difficult time in our shared history, a time when the loss of nature is jeopardizing humanity’s future and our planet’s wondrous biodiversity. I envision and work towards a bright future were we humans live sustainably on this planet, so that all people and all species enjoy a secure and prosperous future.

As a biologist my research is focused on understanding and restoring endangered ecosystems and species. Early in my career I studied forest restoration in tropical Africa. These days I work mainly in Alabama, which has more species than any state east of the Mississippi River. My current work is focused mainly on the ecology of federally protected darters (fishes) and the dynamics of rare plant communities.

I am very committed to science outreach, and in November 2013 my first book was published, Southern Wonder: Alabama’s Surprising Biodiversity. Written for the general public, the book explores Alabama’s amazing biological diversity, the reasons why the state has so many species, and why the preservation of the state’s biodiversity is of crucial importance.